Friday, August 05, 2016

More than a timely tune-up.....

 A few years ago, I was very pleased when David Guerry came to my house to get my lawn mower running again. He makes house calls!

While he was here with all his tools, he also made sure my "storm" emergency generator started on the first pull.

Both were in need of his trained attention and he delivered.

I had promised I would take better care of both in the future, as I wrote him a check.

My promise worked for a while but then, during the second hurricane season, I got lazy and complacent and stopped cranking the generator once a month.

Hey, I didn't have to use it for power outages so it just sat there in the shed.

About a year later, I DID try to start it, pulling the starter cord over, and over, and over.

All I got was out of breath, a sore arm, and a racing heart.

But no storms that year, so it was not needed.

But the last two times I mowed my grass - with the nicely running riding machine - I saw I was leaving long, thin lines of tall grass. I had to go over the same area a few times to cut it all.

"Hello David, can you come by to check my machines?" He could. And he did.

The generator needed only a good cleaning of the carburetor (it was solidly gummed up) and a lengthy, good scrubbing by me to remove dried on oil, grime, and dirt.

The mower, however, was another story. When Dave stood it on end, it was obvious that both blades had several inches broken off! Darn rocks!

Cut to the chase...all is well again. Generator starts on the first pull and the mower cuts a FULL 38" swath now. Whew.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for stopping by and sitting in the shade with me as David worked his mechanical magic.

He even loaned me some of his bug spray. Whatta guy!

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