Friday, October 16, 2015

A long, long day......

 The hotel in Sevilla, Spain mentioned there was a "terrace" attached to my room.

Yikes. There sure was!

Arrived at night so didn't appreciate the amenity until the next day.

Several beers were in the minibar in the room (priced at about Euro 2.50).

So there was plenty of space to relax and rest up after sightseeing and a day-trip down to Gibraltar.

This walking tour of the British colony had us saunter across the distinctive airport runway that bisects the city of 30,000.

This was the Southern tip of Europe and 12 miles across the Strait from North Africa.

Actually, this was the second time I walked across an active aircraft runway.

As a Marine stationed on Vieques, an island across from the eastern side Puerto Rico, I misunderstood the announcement about hopping on a bus to "get to the other side" of the very active US Navy airbase at Roosevelt Roads.

Yep, I looked both ways and walked across (no jets landed!) and was met on the other side by angry-looking MPs.

The Base Commander fumed and mentioned I was an idiot Marine, shouted for a bit and then I was free to continue my weekend at nearby San Juan.

Here at Gibraltar, we tourists were stopped by barriers as a small private jet prepared to roar down the runway and soar away.

In the midst of the European Union, we had to break out some British Pounds for fish & chips and a beer at a cozy pub.

This is my first posting about an 18-day trip to Portugal, Gibraltar and Spain. I tend to NOT tell in advance when I am going to be away for an extended stay.

It was completed early, early this morning after a 22-hour day of traveling.

I'm still jet-lagging.

Made my first cup of coffee at home after several weeks of ordering "Cafe Americano."

Travel is fun - but tiring - and it's good to be home.

Thanks for sharing some vacation photos.

I have a LOT more!

Oh, just discovered that Google can take two (or more) of your pictures, stitch them together and create a panoramic view.

The runway I mentioned in Gibraltar was a good example of not being able to get it all in one shot.

Took two and apparently kept them pretty level.

This is so much better than showing one or the other.

Thanks Google...but, I don't remember you asking if I wanted this or even giving you permission.

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At Sat Oct 17, 05:58:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the rest of your posts and, of course, seeing the attached photos. (Cathy)


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