Sunday, August 16, 2015

Take A Hike!

Saturday, 16 members of my 21st Century Photo Group staged a Photo Scavenger hunt in the Historic District.

The Scavenger mastermind was Charles Giet, a long-time member.

And a huge fan of all sorts of photo walkabouts by the group.

He compiled a list of 25 "items" to be found - and photographed - by the five teams of 3.

My two teammates and I had no problem with one calling for "a cannon."* Thanks David, for stuffing yourself into that barrel.

We had gathered at White Point Garden (the Battery) and had from 3:30 to 6:30 to go down the list and snap pictures.

However, each picture had to include the team's miniature yellow fan.

This ensured team members would not be tempted to split up and go off independently to search, find and take a picture.

Team effort was required.

One item on the list - a jogglin' board - caused confusion for one team's member.

She was from New York she had not ever heard of such a thing.

We were fortunate to not only know WHAT it was but spotted one in the garden of an historic Battery home and grabbed the shot we needed. Thanks Debbie for posing.

Notice the small yellow fan is in the shot. Rules are rules.

A license plate is a good one to seek on a Saturday afternoon scavenger hunt.

Charles made it doubly interesting by specifying it had to be a "West Virginia license plate."

Hmmm. Lots of tourists down around the Market area and we quickly noticed that most states had stopped having a tag on the back AND on the front.

We waked along, checking the rear end of cars, but finally found a visitor who had parked in the open air lot by where the carriages depart, next to Henry's restaurant.

One other team found theirs in a parking garage. Not as easy as it sounds!

Because we started at the Battery, one of our earliest - and easiest -  finds was "a sailboat."

The challenge was to zoom in so the boat was clearly visible and also include the team's token - the yellow fan.

Early on, we discovered that the small fan did not have any batteries in it, so it could not be used for a cooling breeze.

No complaints on the weather though. Temps in the upper 80s, relatively low humidity and not a drop of rain. The "chance" for rain was predicted to be about 20%.

Around Meeting Street at Market, we spotted a small bridal party, really dressed to the nines.

One of our team members went over to ask if any of the ladies was wearing "stiletto heels?"

Sure enough and she was willing to hike her skirt to have the shoes photographed.

She did ask about the small yellow inoperable fan that was placed next to her right foot. 

We explained and the party went on with their downtown stroll.

Our hunt continued for a very difficult object... a "Live Lobster."

I am sure all the team members had Charles Giet on their minds as they went in and out of restaurants and even into the Harris-Teeter on East Bay Street.

It was confirmed that the store "used to" have them in a tank, but the tank had broken, etc. 

We also were told we were not the first Scavengers to come in and ask.

Apparently many upscale seafood places have them "flown in fresh daily" but none was on premises at that moment.

Ahah! The new Ruth's Chris Steak House, which has opened where Tristan's used to be, happened to have two hefty beauties relaxing in a small tank at the back of the main dining room.

The genial manager used a wooden rake-like tool to bring one up for it's photo close-up. 

Lots of splashing and claw-waving but no damage done. The confused 10-legged crustacean was told that "No, it wasn't dinner time yet," and was returned to his cold, briny home.

Did I mention we were the only team to score a photo of a live lobster? 

We gathered at A.W. Shuck's seafood 
restaurant at the conclusion of the hunt, and all the other teams admitted looking around hopefully as they entered, searching and wishing to see a lobster tank.

My team had 21 finds and tied with another team, two were tied at 18 and the fifth had tallied 17.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

*Yes, technically that is called a mortar but it tosses a cannon ball a long, long distance.

And...Charles Giet (standing on the far right) had researched and compiled the list so he did not participate in the Hunt. 16 were present and we formed five teams of three.

My daughter in California just sent me a note about a Scavenger Hunt they engineered for a friend's birthday. Unique and fun-filled. 

Ended with some lawn bowling.

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