Monday, August 24, 2015

Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger....50 good years

Recently, I wrote about seeing The Rolling Stones in concert.


My whole life, I had never seen them perform live and then, twice, in a matter of weeks.

Atlanta was a 5-hour drive to the concert. There I was, with 42,000 close personal friends.

Then in Raleigh - a shorter drive - to see them in another football stadium. Yet another 40,000 fans.

Better than I expected them to be.

Mick Jagger made you feel proud to be in your seventies!

Five years ago I got to see Paul McCartney in concert up in Charlotte.

Wow! What an evening.

What great songs.

Sitting up close and watching his eyes twinkle.

He spoke to a fan in the audience who was waving a blue and white North Carolina license plate...with his name on it.

He smiled and then pointed out it was misspelled. And, it was wrong when spelled M-C-C-A-R-T-N-Y because his name has 9 letters. There just weren't enough spaces on the tag.

But today, I was surprised with a real treat...going back 50 years to relive my newspaper's coverage of the 1965 Beatles concert in San Diego and seeing again the pictures I had taken of the Fab Four that morning at a press conference. And I was credited as the photographer.

I had not seen these since I left the paper in the late 60s. I did notice my name credit was included but the negatives now reside with the San Diego Historical Society.

Hey, half a century later, I'm just glad they are part of a safe collection.

The actual proof sheet of my shots was shown with circles drawn around two the Picture Editor had picked to run with the story. Looking closely, I could see my initials "CB" printed just on the edge of the film.

Our cameras were altered to show two letters to always reflect the staff photographer's identity on each negative.

Don't know if the entire attachment will open here but it was mind-blowing to time travel back to that event 50 years ago.

The Beatles at Balboa Stadium: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

It was 50 years ago today (well, this week) that the Fab Four performed its only San Diego concert. For some, it was a life-changing night.

Mugshot of George Varga
By George Varga | 12:44 p.m. Aug. 22, 2015
Proof sheet of San Diego Union photographer Chuck Boyds take.  San Diego Historical Society/The San Diego Union Tribune CollectionProof sheet of San Diego Union photographer Chuck Boyds take. San Diego Historical Society/The San Diego Union Tribune Collection — U-T file

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    At Wed Sep 23, 04:47:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice to see those black and whites. Great photos. It's funny with music. Hearing something can take a person right back, and it all seems so recent. (Cathy)

    At Wed Sep 23, 02:35:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

    Oh yes! A real time warp to see that proof sheet from FIFTY (50!) years ago.

    I was almost a newly-wed (Marriage #1) with small children in the house that we rented. Wow.


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