Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ok, OK, I was working on this for a while....

Going around town, seeking music and good wholesome fun, I stopped a few nights ago at Sparrow.

This popular small club with fancy painted murals of famous faces, is Unit D (around the corner) at 1078 E. Montague near Park Circle.

"Funky" comes to mind when thinking of music and entertainment I've seen there. This is one of my favorite "hole-in-the-wall" bars.

This evening the place was jam packed.

The Resonant Rogues brought a variety of entertainment - and Vaudevillian dancer Evelyn DeVere ably backed by a first class band, headed by Sparrow Pants.

Yes, I know, "Sparrow" is her name, appearing at a club by that name.

Miss Pants, and her band, are from Asheville.  She leads the quartet, plays the accordion, dances and sings.

Miss DeVere,  the featured ecdysiast, does amazing thing with feather fans and can magically make her clothes disappear.

Last night, at the Pour House, we saw the last stop on the tour by the Two Man Gentleman Band.

Well this "tour" included only the show here and a city in North Carolina the day before.

Because the "Councilman" Fuller Condon, on bass, lives in nearby Folly Beach, he sits in with several local bands.

His partner Andy Bean lives in Los Angeles, working on projects for Disney.

Some of the local band members were invited to join them onstage last night.  A joyous sound was heard.

At the end of the evening - early this morning - all the instruments were unplugged and the entire expanded band stepped down to the floor to continue playing.

They held quite a jam session as we all crowded around, dancing and clapping our hands.

Talking with Andy, I mentioned we first saw them perform at Tin Roof and I still had the free kazoo they were handing out.

He recalled he was wearing knickers  (Plus-fours) and said they still fit. He added that would have been about 2009.

This night they wore "matching" red jumpsuits and, during an impromptu Q & A, an audience member shouted out "Do you like the group DEVO?" Then I could imagine them with flower pot-like hats on their heads.

We had seen Devo perform at a Mid-Town Music Festival in Atlanta many years ago.

A nice pattern is emerging: a flurry of musical activity (a Trifecta), followed by several days to sleep in and get my breath back.

Did I mention I just turned 76?

So I knew what an ecdysiast was.

And actually wore knickers as a kid.

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