Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cat: movin' on up.......

 "Well, THIS is new," the cat thought.

Sniffing around the base, she finally  decided to hop up to the first level.

Curious, she climbed atop the round shape and reached higher.

"Definitely NOT litter boxes," she decided.

(Whew! I had worried about that.)

At Costco, it was described as a Kitty Condo.

It replaced a sisel rope scratching post I had built for her several years ago so she would not use her claws on the couch or my carpets.

In fact, I believe the label said this carpeting was infused with catnip.

Is that legal here in South Carolina?

Colorado, sure, and soon, Washington state.

But here?

You have to keep a single indoor cat entertained and amused or they start to get mischievous and that's not good.

My cat Wallis sleeps most of the day. And, I suppose, all night too.

In her self-styled "hammock."

She tore some cloth loose on the bottom of the bed's box springs and crawls up in there out of sight.

Day and night. Forming a lump hanging under the bed.

Even for cat naps.

Or, sometimes, on the couch.

This multi-level climbing addition should give her more options for adventures... and sleeping accommodations.

If there is indeed catnip involved, that would be an added bonus.

I wanted to snap pictures of her exploring when she first saw the new tall thing.

Later I realized it had a very busy background for a photo.

The Clone tool on my Photo Shop Elements 10 enabled me to cover up a wall light switch and a plug and cord as well as "take the framed award" off the wall.

For future pictures, I'll probably just move  what's hanging behind her.

Even the calendar with cute cat pictures.

Funny what you don't see when your focus is trying to catch the cat as she climbs up and around and then jumps down to the floor.

With an audible THUD.

So far Wallis has landed on her feet.

And nothing has tipped over.

 If the furiously wagging tail is an indicator, It's safe to say it has her approval.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

If you are a cat person," feel free to make comments.

Hmmm...I think she has found the catnip.

Moderation, kitty, moderation.

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