Sunday, June 15, 2014

NYC - Yankee Bridge Traffic....

 Just back from a quick mini-vacation up to Boston and New York.

Flew Delta to Boston non-stop. A few days later, came down to New York City on Amtrak and, after two days there, flew home non-stop.

Yes, no going through Atlanta.

 In Boston, after some days of sightseeing, took a ferry to the end of the Cape to spend the day in P-Town (Provincetown).

Walked my legs off in New York and, despite some cloudy weather, decided to cross over the Brooklyn Bridge. Lots of people do that. About 150,000 cars and pedestrians cross every day.

Just as on our Ravenel Bridge, there is a clear walking path for hikers and a separate space for bikers.

Divided by a white painted stripe.

Each lane has a symbol repeated often showing which lane is to be used by either one.

But, neither path by both.

These three young ladies did not speak English but the biker's bark was clear to anyone within 20 feet.

"Hey! Git outta da way," is what I heard as my camera captured the moment.

Thankfully, there was no impact and he continued his speedy pace down the bridge.

I had stopped a few moments before - well inside my lane - and snapped  a shot of cars racing along below us.

Obviously our bridge looks better than the Brooklyn Bridge, but then ours is only 9 years while this one was built in 1883. Yikes.

131 years old and counting, it had a solid feel on the wooden deck that covers the surface of the center span.

Naturally, as with all things open to the public, some feel the urge to add to the urban graffiti.

This is an interesting use of rivets.

I don't think that "Rosie" from WWII would have been amused.

People have attached small locks to parts of the bridge and thrown the key into the East River below.

This, I am told, symbolizes the love romantics have for each other.

As the clouds broke up briefly, we were treated to a view of the famed New York skyline.

Not hard at all to spot was the iconic Empire State building.

I know its companion, the Chrysler building, is huddled nearby in there too.

So, in addition to a 1.1 mile exercise walk, there is beautiful scenery as well.

Looking toward the New York end of the bridge, the new One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) is nearing completion. At 1776 feet high, it is the tallest building in America.

On the left as you head back to the city, Lady Liberty is easy to spot in the harbor.

Well, with binoculars perhaps.

My small easy-to-carry Canon sx260HS camera has an excellent 20x optical lens.

But I also cranked in digital zoom to make the lens effect even longer to gather this image.

You can even see the flame in her torch if you look closely.

Instead of taking the subway to a stop in Brooklyn and walking all the way back to New York, I started on the City side.

Up the sloping ramp leading to the bridge, I then walked a bit more than halfway across, snapped pictures, then returned.

I had no car to worry about. (A car in the City? Are you crazy?)

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I had interrupted a new 2-week crash diet for this trip and am pleased I regained only two pounds in an amazing place, surrounded by food of every description.

Well, sure I ate a slice of Pizza.

New York style.

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