Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A New Point of View......

 Stopped by The Charleston Harbor Fish House restaurant the other night.
Looks like it's going to make it.

Good crowd, good food and a great new view of the ships on display.

The different viewing angle puts the USS Laffey in the foreground, in front of the Yorktown.

That's important to remember at twilight because there are TWO masts sticking up in the air.

Not something you would normally see on an aircraft carrier.

Looking across the marsh on a slightly foggy evening is a delight.

Trying to have your dinner in focus too is a challenge.

The cedar plank salmon was delicious, along with seasoned mashed potatoes and sliced grilled veggies.

Well, and a beer as well.

Our hostess said the restaurant opened almost a year ago and, despite a light rain, I went up a flight of stairs to check out the closed  deck and patio.

Must be a good place to gather after a Party At The Point Friday afternoon/evening.

I have attended those Friday events as well as Blues artists performances out behind the Marina Hotel.

Always wondered if they would ever open a restaurant.

The attention to detail is obvious and the well-appointed rooms are open and airy as a harbor view place should be.

When I am in a seafood restaurant here in the Lowcountry, I always look over the menu to see what other options are offered. "Hey, how's the spaghetti?"
I usually come back to meals from the sea.

Years ago I lived in Kansas City, Missouri and a treat was to go to a noted downtown seafood place.

It proudly proclaimed its lobsters were flown in fresh daily.

I assume from Maine.

The Kansas City strip steaks were fine too.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

When visitors ask what I would reccomend they try, I often suggest Shrimp & Grits.

Charleston comfort food.


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