Sunday, January 05, 2014

Whooping It Up !

Who says I don't know how to "Party Hearty?"

This sight greeted me as I entered the Terrace Theaters during the holidays.

I was ordering my popcorn and some beers (what a GREAT theater concept!) when I glanced over and saw the silent polar beer nursing a Coke.

He was missing his usual colorful scarf as seen in the commercials.

Right now it's a balmy 46 degrees but by Monday, that mass of Arctic air covering half the nation will have the temps tumbling down to 17.

Yes, I know ... in Charleston? Mayor Riley, any comments?

Brrr. Yes, polar bear weather.

The last time I hung out with polar bears was at the Coca-Cola plant tour in Atlanta.

I had wandered into a photo setting for young children to pose with the iconic Coke symbol.

No, I did not push any small tots out of the way.

The exhibit was just opening and we happened to notice it before children showed.

Did you know a real polar beer's claws do NOT retract?

I'm 6 feet tall and you can see this imposing character critter is looming over me.

Later I think I heard scared children screaming.

My new Moto-X Droid Smartphone will tell me the weather where I am at the moment when I say "OK, Google, now" and ask. The sweet voice does not mention a 30 degree drop is headed our way.
Four years ago - in February - we had a sudden "polite" snow fall during the night.

My palm trees were bowed but not beaten by the heavy white stuff.

It did take several days for them to snap back.

I called it a non-menacing snowfall because it came on a Friday evening, coated the Holy City in a mantle of white and was melted by noon on Saturday.

No school closures and we did not have to start up our many snowplows to clear the roads.

Sunshine was our only snow and ice removal option.

Stay warm next week as we hear the unfamiliar term "Wind chill will make temps drop to near single digits."

Hardly a day at the beach.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Thanks for stopping by.

Want a cup of hot chocolate from my Keurig machine?

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