Monday, December 02, 2013

DANGER - Learning Curves Ahead....

Almost three years ago, I got my first true Smartphone, the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. 

The "V" stood for Virgin Mobile, the carrier, and it came without a 2-year contract. Yea!

Each month I paid a flat rate of $25 and received pretty much an unlimited package.

I was allotted 300 minutes of actual phone time but I seldom used more than 100 minutes a month so that was "unlimited" to me. Yes, I bought a funky replica phone handset to plug in to get a startled reaction. Used maybe twice.

The Optimus V had GPS built-in and I could voice where I wanted to go so that was pretty slick. 

The calendar entry was synchronized with my PC computer so I could keep tabs of upcoming events and have a diary of past ones.

The texting and online use WAS unlimited and that was the happiest part.

Wow. Having a computer in my pocket was fantastic but it took me quite a while to stop thinking "I'll look that up when I get home."

Today I bought my second Smart phone - the Google/Motorola Moto-X - after several hours delay online due to a $150 Cyber Monday discount, but it was worth the wait! 

My original choice had been the Nexus 5 ($350 with no contract) and the Moto-X was at $500...before they matched the lower priced Nexus 5 for today only.

The carrier is T-Mobile and I'll have 4G.

The Nexus was back-ordered until mid-December so I was able to cancel it.

The Moto-X is supposed to ship within a few days. I chose the basic black model.

I am still a newbie techie so I expect I'll slowly learn its features but the online reviews and details imply it will come pretty naturally - even to me.

Hope so.

motorola moto X home screen

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Hmm, these pictures are lifted from the internet so may not enlarge.

When I get my actual new phone, I'll take my own photos and probably swap out what is shown here.

Hey, I'm a photographer.

That's what I do.

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At Wed Dec 04, 12:23:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun with it. I have enough issues trying to figure out the ever changing privacy and posting policy of Google and Youtube, which thinks that I need to meet an Oriental woman for some reason (or so the ads tell me). Cathy.


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