Thursday, November 14, 2013

Free music and a chilly night...

The Apple Seed Collective promised quite a lot last night.

The Michigan-based band was heading back home and stopped to give Charleston a treat.

Thank you!

It was a free-no-admission-cost show last night at the Pour House.

Their website describes them as a "collective" of smoky Paris jazz, sweaty Dixie soul, bluegrass, ragtime, and Western Swing swagger.

And Gypsy.

Oh yeah, all that and more!

Andrew Brown, guitar and vocals, had a voice that ranged all over the place.

He hit the low notes and he breathlessly notched it up to almost falsetto. Back and forth as needed. Up and down.


His cohort on banjo, Katie Lee, also sang as she plucked and strummed and they blended well together.

They thanked someone in the crowd who hosted the lot of them at his house.

Wish I had gotten the name of that gracious - and fortunate - meals and lodging provider.

Extreme Southern hospitality!

Most of the set, Vince Russo was playing washboard with spoons and metal brushes.

Toward the end, he brought out two Bongos and laid down a rapid staccato beat.

Ben Rolston is on double bass.

Just for variety - and a change from dimly-lighted music venues - I often take aim at hockey players during practice drills.

My Photo Group meets on the 2nd Wednesday at the Carolina Ice Palace.

Usually we see teams and leagues practising on rinks on either side of the building.

I kidded the manager and said some of our photographers might be late because they were skating on frozen ponds near their homes.  (Yes, it was a chilly night.)

He laughed and reminded me the general public - and especially "rink rats" - take to the ice there all year long.

Something to think about next summer.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Go online and listen to the Apple Seed Collective Band. Buy some CDs.

They drove a long way to give us a great free concert.

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