Wednesday, August 07, 2013

"Look to the sky.."

Yeah, right. Thank you very much.

No I did NOT take this picture of a Perseid Meteor Shower. I found it online.

BUT, members of my Photography Group and I will make a pre-dawn effort to take some ourselves next Monday. Late Monday night.

Actually early Tuesday morning.

Mid-August is the best time and apparently you need to be in the darkest possible place for best results.

Our leader on this expedition, Alistair Nicol,  is an accomplished fine art, nature and landscape photographer and educator.

Be sure and click on the link to see examples of his excellent work.

I have asked him to steer us in the right direction.

Instead of a deserted section of Folly Beach, which was my first thought, he researched and found the "darkest" area close to us would be in the Francis Marion National Forest, near McClellanville, off Hwy 17, north of Charleston.

Uh oh. That sounds like camping.
Wilderness. Critters.

When my kids were growing up, I tried to expose them to the wonders of sleeping in a tent.

I'm a former Marine who has carried his bedroll and camo shelter-half in a backpack. A very heavy backpack.

But, back then. I HAD to do it. There was no discussion.

My children shared my joy of sleeping on the ground, feeding mosquitoes. And this picture was taken in the back yard.

With an air conditioned house less than 15 feet away.

And indoor plumbing.

So I'm waiting for more details from Alistair.

He said the best time for photos -  when the most visible meteors and fireballs light up the sky - happens after midnight and peaks just before sunrise.

Now, does that mean Monday August 12 is really late, late Sunday night? Or early, early Tuesday morning?

Wonder where I can find an inexpensive sleeping bag?

(Click on the photo for details of two excited youngsters and their cats.)

The internet photo probably will not enlarge.

Hope my camera works.

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