Saturday, August 31, 2013

Deja Vu....again. Twice.

Seems like it was only yesterday when my original treadmill died.

It had lasted for quite a few years.

The used replacement from Play It Again Sports slammed to a jolting stop after only three and a half months.


I called and said I was disappointed but understood it was a used unit so I hoped they could help me.

The immediate response was an apology. Nice.

And an offer to give me full store credit so I could see if there was something I would like.

That  was reasonable.

I found a new one I liked, paid a bit more and it came with a warranty  -  and free delivery.

They also pronounced the other one dead as a door nail and hauled it away.

(What the heck is a door nail?)

They added a free floor pad that cushions the machine from the floor and, I suppose, helps keep down collected dust and dirt.

Refurbished machinery can not be guaranteed and they certainly got me back on my exercise routine with a minimum delay.

The OTHER repeat was me going back to a Riverdogs baseball game.

Second one in a week after not having gone for several years.

 Unfortunately, I was watching from seats MUCH further away, and this time the home team lost against the Rome (GA) Braves.

I was seated behind the Rome pitcher's bullpen and watched them warm up and keep limber as the game progressed. They were generous in tossing foul balls back into the stands and the kids loved it.

Things were pretty even until the 7th inning when the visitors surged ahead by 5 runs. Yikes.

They added a few more and The Dogs made a weak comeback try but the final was 8-4.

Well, the beer was cold.

And I got to hear Tony The Peanut Man go through his singing spiel on the variety of boiled legumes he had in his basket.

Cajun Boiled sounded interesting.

It also was the last Friday night Piggly Wiggly fireworks show for the season.

I can't remember actually being in The Joe watching the fiery spectacle before.

While driving in the area, I had observed them on a Friday night so this close up view was a treat.

And, yes, my camera was adjusted properly.

Oh, and speaking of cameras, when you take a look at your digital image on the back and/or show it to another person, it's called "Chimping."

Could not figure a way to have me, my camera and the Riverdogs mascot* all together in a picture.

*I know Charlie T. Riverdog is the main mascot but this chimp was teaming up with Charlie on Friday evening.

He was more popular than a baseball tossed to a youngster in the stands.

Well, maybe AS popular.

I had won box seat passes for several games and managed to squeeze in both games before the season ends in a few days.

(Click on the photo for more details.)

It was a nice evening - even though the Dogs lost - and the fireworks were elaborate.

In the major leagues, I think fireworks are fired off after every home game.

The very last show this year will be on Labor Day evening.

Maybe I'll drive by.

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