Friday, July 19, 2013

"Frankly, my dear, I do give a ........"

Joined some members of my Photography Group on a Photo Walk last night.

It was Third Thursday in Summerville and there was not a drop of rain. Well, not at my house <smile.>

I was driving, getting close to the main site and saw a group of people I recognized. They all were carrying cameras.

I parked and caught up with them. They were heading to Perfectly Frank's.

What a coincidence. That place was high on my DDD  list (Diners,Drive-Ins and Dives.)

Images were exchanged and viewed as digital cameras were passed around. The line was long at the Order Here counter but it moved quickly. Perky young ladies brought out the dogs and fries to the tables. A nice, comfortable crowd, mainly families.

Some of the pictures showed an earlier shower that had dumped a LOT of rain on Summerville.

Standing water. Flooding. Streams racing down streets.

Because I don't eat hot dogs I just engaged in interesting conversations. What a diverse gang!

They closed at 8:30 and we all left.

I drove a short distance, parked and headed into the Montreux Bar & Grill.

I'd been there before, after a Photo Shoot in Azalea Park with my group a few months ago.

This could be a good habit to get into.

(Click on the photos for details.)

Really? A bratwurst is considered a hot dog?

But, it's healthy...right?

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