Thursday, March 21, 2013

Caribbean-ish Lunch Time

Wanted to meet some friends downtown and we discussed where to have lunch.

I flashed on a former gas station turned into an Islands-flavored eatery called FUEL.

Actually Owner/Chef Broome calls it a Caribbean Cantina.

Despite jokes by my table mates, we ordered the Jerk Chicken.

The chicken has marinated 48 hours in a mixture of 36 ingredients!

I know, I saw the episode that was filmed here in 2011 with Guy Fieri on the Food Channel's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

 Guy asked the chef to describe the marinade he was making and pretended to be adding them up on his fingers.

The total - finally - reached 36.

Fieri said "Did you include the chicken?"

No, so that made it 37.

The sandwich came on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon and a grilled thin pineapple slice. 

 I chose some delicious black beans as my side dish.

Moments later a beer truck pulled up nearby to unload a delivery. 

I had been showing my new camera with a 20x zoom lens so I aimed it out the window at the distinctive design on the side of the truck.

It was clever  and I understood the "evolve" message. But I was clueless what the "OB" referred to and later looked it up online.

Well Duh. It stands for Oskar Blues, a Colorado-based craft beer brewery. I have enjoyed their Old Chub, Dale's and Yella but did not associate those tasty brews with the Evolution symbol that appears on sports clothing.

My friends looked at their watches and said they had to get back to work.

We had finished our meals and had admired the beer truck so it was time to leave.

I headed home while they drove back to work.  

We had filled up at Fuel.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

I'll keep an eye open for other products from Oskar Blues.

Guy Fieri featured a few other places around Charleston on his show so I look for his signature image.

I saw it spray painted on the wall over the cooler at the Tattooed Moose and looked for it at the Early Bird Diner but missed it.

Thanks for stopping by. Treat yourself to lunch at Fuel.

Wonder if anyone named Ethel has ever stopped by?

Or Ethyl?

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