Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be A Tourist In Your Own Backyard....

Well, I did know that Wild Dunes was toward the end of the Isle of Palms.

I had driven past the entrance.

Think I attended a party there once in a place that looked like a beach cottage.

WOW. My visiting daughter just spent two nights there and I was invited to join her.

Glad that I did. What a nice resort!

After a fine dinner prepared in her suite's kitchen, we walked down to the beach and passed this chair.

(Yes, I used Photoshop to take away the stairs they had climbed.)

She had asked me if there was a grocery store nearby that she could reach by bicycle?

Huh? I thought the Piggly Wiggly or Bi-Lo in Mount Pleasant at the other end of the Connector would be a very long way to pedal.

The desk informed us there was a Red & White store just before you reached the connector.

We drove there and picked up groceries.

Another thing I had not done before was take a Ghost Walk downtown.

Ooooohhhh. Eerie and spooky.

We walked back alleys and treaded carefully through graveyards.

The guide set the proper tone and, as darkness fell, we really got in the mood.

Diners at Poogan's Porch stopped conversations as we stood across the street - by the Mills House - and heard about "the lady in black.

She is reputed to "live" upstairs at Poogan's and particularly seems to like the ladies powder room.

Have you ever tried to explain a Joggling Board?

They seemed to pop up in strange places all over Charleston.

A carriage tour guide explained them best as a way that a couple could court "back in the day."

With or without parental approval.

As you bounced, you slid closer together.

Almost innocently.

Obey the Law of Gravity.

While it was not part of our night tour of haunts, we drove over to the Old City Jail.

Taking the next step to being scared.

We did not go in but had had it pointed out on an earlier carriage ride so knew it was close by.

I had recently taken the walk out on the new pier at Shem Creek so I was able to share that as well as a fine Thai meal downtown at Basil and sinful and decadent desserts at Rue de Jean.

Mais oui. Tres bien!

The ladies have flown back to Oakland and are back at work today.

It had been ten years since my daughter had visited Charleston although I've seen her in California a few times.

Out there I was the tourist.

(Click on the pictures for details.)

Even before she left, she was snapping pictures with her iphone and posting them on Facebook.

I'm not quite that adept yet but I sent her pictures today.

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At Thu Jun 21, 10:03:00 AM , Blogger Kate said...

You gave them quite a tour! I'd like the Ghost Tour.

The photo of the cooking food looks might good.

At Sun Jun 24, 05:25:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

I don't know if you're familiar with it, but they have a huge rocking chair in Riverfront Park, over between the shipyard and the paper mill. I used to go over there for lunch sometime, though I never sat in that huge chair. :)


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