Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small is beautiful....

So, the whole idea of having a digital Point and Shoot camera is it's small.

My Canon S90 is tiny enough that I usually have it with me.

Not left behind in a hotel room in Las Vegas because "it's too heavy to lug around."
Or strapping on a bulky back pack for camera lenses and accessories when you're at the Grand Canyon.
Sometimes though, you DO miss having a tripod. Say, at twilight. Or dusk. Or, after it's really really dark.

Gorilla Tripods sure had me in mind when they designed this handy device.

A "tripod" that's always attached to your P/S camera.

One that folds out and and, when your through, fits - along with your camera - in the little pouch on your belt loop.

The sounds had attracted me to these egrets nesting for the night.

I plan to come back when there's a little more light. I mean, it was getting inky dark.

But I caught the movement and activity as the graceful long-necked white birds flew in for the night and settled in the trees at Patriot's Point.

I had not been to The Cottages on Charleston Harbor before, nestled at the very tip end of Patriot's Point.

I was leaving after a delightful visit with friends I used to work with at the Post and Courier and members of their families.

The view over the lighted Yorktown aircraft carrier and the Ravenel bridge made me stop to take some twilight pictures. I then heard the birds rustling in the trees.

A great way to end a Charleston evening on the harbor.

(Click on the pictures for more long-exposure details.)

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At Mon May 21, 06:50:00 AM , Blogger Kate said...

Everyone seems to be enjoying the evening meal!


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