Saturday, November 26, 2011


Daniel Tosh is the star and producer of TOSH.O on Comedy Central.

He brought his offbeat stand-up comedy style to Charleston for the first time Friday night.

Daniel filled all 2260 seats at the Performing Arts Center.


His target audience is the 20-30 year old crowd and they trekked north to see the situational comedian talk of everything from shopping in Charleston on Black Friday to global unemployment to handicap parking spaces for the "lucky ones."

He started the show with a smarmy "As many of you know, I was born in North Charleston.

He continued "I went to North Charleston College and some high school I forget the name."

"My dad works at Boeing and my mom takes crap off trees and sews it into hats."

The young crowd loved it.

If you've ever seen his show or one of his concerts, you know I really can't quote much of his act.

And, for that, we thank you.

(Click on the photos for a larger - but not much better quality - image.)

Since cameras were forbidden, I feel my shots from the 14th row came out pretty good. I didn't feel guilty because I was surrounded by I-Phones and other cells stuck up in the air taking pictures.

We were warned if you held your phone (or camera?) up "too long" they knew you were videotaping and you would be in big trouble.

I guess that means you couldn't be his "Viewer Video of the Week."

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