Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Bright Idea...

So you've finished having dinner or maybe you had just a sandwich.

Probably with a beverage. Or two.

Now you wait for the bill in the familiar black folder with a place at the top to tuck in your credit card.

But, wait a minute, THIS check wallet has a light inside. You can see the amount and look it over to decide how much to tip.

Lighted. In a dark bar. Or in a restaurant. Yikes.

This was at The Roost, a sports bar in Avondale. The light displayed the Camel logo but so what? Good for that company.

Yes, I had tried the "Old Leghumper."

A robust porter produced by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company.

Not to be confused with its "12 Dogs Of Christmas."

Well, duh, that's a seasonal ale.

Oktoberfest is finally over.

That was back in September.

(Click on the photos to make them bigger and brighter.)

Ever since they were forced to drop the iconic cartoon Joe Camel, this company has shown ingenuity in getting its brand name out to the public.

I see it on "Smoking Area" signs pointing outside. Usually close to the $7 a pack cigarette machines.

I'm glad I quit smoking about 25 years ago.

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