Sunday, October 23, 2011

No CHIPOTLE Grill Here. Why not?

It seems like authentic Mexican food to me. If it really is, that's good too.

Chipotle Mexican Grill draws my appetite's attention when I travel away from Charleston.

A very large burrito that takes at least two hands to hold.

Sauce running down your chin and your arm.Dripping from your elbow.

Tasty tortilla filled with rice, beans, salsa, peppers and chicken, etc., etc.

And crispy chips and guacamole. Add a cold cerveza or a tangy 'Rita.

Found just where to go for lunch Saturday when I arrived in Columbia for a free annual Blues concert.

GPS navigation on my Smartphone took me right there, exiting I-77 just past the entrance to Fort Jackson. Hungry soldiers in camo uniforms also knew the way to Chipolte.This army travels on its stomach.

I have found these grills all over the country - but not here in Charleston?

Suggestion: somebody look into opening one (or more) here.

The headliner for the 17th annual Blues Festival was virtuoso Leo Kottke, a marvelous 12-string acoustic guitar player and songwriter.

The Grammy-winner often was the musical guest on Garrison Keilor's Prairie Home Companion.

I also have 4 of his 20 CDs in my collection.

Another star of the program was Wanda Johnson, a popular Blues performer who plays around Charleston often.

Miss Wanda also has performed across Europe and China - with Shrimp City Slim.

She just keeps sounding better and better and charmed the crowd with songs from several of her CDs.

As the sun sank lower, her dancing and clapping fans cast their shadows on the front of the stage.

Word of Mouth Productions, producers of the annual free show, announced they have started planning the one for next year.

"We're looking for a nice Fall weekend when there's no football game in town," is how Geoffrey Graves explained the logistical guidelines.

The person in charge of weather this year really nailed it.

It was a beautiful day, cooling in the evening so jackets felt really nice.

An array of delicious food with terrific aromas was all around and smiling beer vendors offered domestic and imported beers at a very reasonable price.

As I bought drink tickets, I tried to let them know how much I appreciated the FREE concert. It takes money and hard-working volunteers to make events like this happen.

We sat back in our folding chairs and listened to a really good sound system.

This was held at Martin Luther King public park near 5-Points and street lights added to the ambiance to end a wonderful day of outdoor music.

(Click on the photos, etc. etc for more details.)The Blues Festival website has sound bites by the performers and more information about the upcoming 18th annual event.

I plan to be there .... after a hearty lunch at Chipotle.

Unless there's finally one opened in Charleston.

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At Mon Oct 24, 08:30:00 PM , Blogger Pixel Peeper said...

I just know how you feel about Chipotle! We got one here in Lakeland, FL, about 6 months ago. What did we do before that?

Off topic, but after your post a few weeks ago I finally did get a Keurig coffee maker. Thanks for the heads up!

At Fri Oct 28, 09:14:00 PM , Blogger Sherry said...

The food may be yummy but I'm more intrigued by the music. Also wonder if Leo Kottke (?) is a Lutheran minister. Will have to research a little.

By the way, I appreciate your recent comment on my blog about softening the aging effects by taking off one's glasses. LOL!

At Thu Nov 29, 01:09:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

Here's a Chipotle-in-Charleston update: about 6 months after this was posted, one opened in North Charleston and another was announced for Mt. Pleasant.

I waited a few days for the opening hoopla to die down. As I stood in line I saw they still were waiting for their liquor license. Yikes. No 'Rita, no cold cerveza.


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