Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Things you learn "on the road"...

The world famous San Diego Zoo has approximately a gazillion visitors a year.

It has many helpful signs to make your visit more enjoyable.

The animals are grouped in logical clusters - country of origin - and arranged so they are easily visible to the public.

Oh, they can duck into their caves and hiding spots but usually are right out there.

I like that they also identify every tree. Because the zoo is also a noted zoological garden, I guess they almost have to.

No, I did NOT place my hat on the head of a cute baby seal.

It was a statue next to where real polar bears frolicked in the water.

Yes, the water was cold.

You can walk around the giant place or take a guided bus tour.

Overhead is an aerial tramway that takes you across the entire zoo.When I looked down, the monkeys were gawking up at me.

Just as famous - and a lot older - is the San Diego Harbor.

This is a real Navy Town.

There are TWO aircraft carriers to tour and they serve lunch on the fantail of the USS Midway. Hey, Patriots Point.. hint* hint*.

Larger-than-life statues form a Salute To Bob Hope and the dockside centerpiece is a GIANT statue of the Navy nurse in Times Square being kissed on VJ Day when Japan surrendered in WWII.

In fact, the whole harbor area was filled with 20 different ships, from Tall-masted schooners to a Russian submarine admitting visitors.

The Queen of them all though was the 149-year old STAR OF INDIA.

Her sails unfurled, she was a stately reminder of the harbor history.

Her iron hull - the first ever - was 3x the thickness it actually needed to be and enabled her to survive all these years.

Once a year she sails around the harbor and I bet the 150th anniversary will be something extra special!

(Click twice to make the pictures bigger.)

It was fun visiting San Diego again.

My blog started 5 years ago writing about things that happened there. Go back and check it out.

Thanks for dropping in.

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