Saturday, August 20, 2011

Backstage Pass!

Behind-the-scenes. Finally!

I returned to my native Charleston in '93 and discovered the MUSIC FARM about 3-4 owners ago.

Have attended shows there for years and years.

Working at the paper, I really had no reason - or justification - to request a Media Pass.

I retired 7 years ago and started writing this blog a few years later.

I enjoy a local trio THE DEFILERS and their Punkabilly/country sound.

Arleigh Hertzler, guitar & lead vocals, was great playing at The Mill but I can't take all the cigarette smoke there.

He said "Chuck, we're playing The Music Farm in August."

I put it on my calendar.

Arleigh arranged for me to come up the stairs and enter the Green Room where many of my favorite players hung out.

I looked out the window, down at the stage. Just as Robert Randolph and Jimbo Mathus had done.And Little Feat and Acoustic Syndicate.

I passed on through (it really IS painted green) and quietly went down the backstage stairs.

Stickers were plastered all around of other bands who had played Charleston.

Painted arrows pointed the way back to the Green Room or out to the stage. Often this area is darkened and lighted only by a stagehand with a small flashlight, directing performers.

I peeked around the corner and stuck out my camera.

Awesome view.

It certainly was worth the wait. Thanks Arleigh.

Play well.

(Click on the photos for more detail. Welcome to the Backstage Tour.)Listen responsibly (ear protectors!)Thanks for humming along. Come back soon.

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