Friday, June 17, 2011

Here's some "Leftovers" images....

I know of at least two bars in Charleston that serve salted-in-the-shell peanuts.

This setting is Dublin Down on Daniel Island and the other would be all three Crab Shacks.

Serving free salty foods makes a lot of sense in a bar.

Thirsty? Have a cold one.

Years ago in Missouri, I took my 16-year old son into a quaint place that served peanuts like these and encouraged you to toss the shells on the floor.

Lots of atmosphere.

My son saw me sweep shells off the table and he dumped out two ashtrays - and was reaching for a third on a nearby table - before I could stop him.

I didn't get to post this photo of the opening act for Hedwig at the American Theatre during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival.

Hate to waste a demonstration by three ladies with exceptional talent for fans of ostrich feather fans.

This trio is keeping alive an old and treasured Vaudeville tradition.

As I look through other photos I have not used yet, I came across a sign that is a symbol for The End Of A Sticky Era.

Remember for a few years several telephone poles were targeted by tourists as a place to park their chewed out chewing gum? GUM trees. GUM poles.

On the four corners of East Bay and North Market Streets.

Yeech. Better than stepping on the discards and sticking to the sidewalk I suppose?

Hmmm. I see that the poles have been steam cleaned and a sign warns of dire consequences if you mar the surface.

But, how exactly is that enforced? The ticket itself would make a great souvenir.

Finally, here's a shot I didn't need to use.

Trombone Shorty played two nights on The Cistern and I posted some pictures earlier.

But, on the first night, we had no idea if he would allow/encourage the crowd to leave their seats to come up and dance.

Sitting in the first row I took an unobtrusive, low level "hidden camera" shot to make sure I had an image from the concert.

Well, we got up and danced and all had plenty of photos without this one.

(Click to see larger images. Do you notice something odd about the Guinness glass? Hope you enjoyed a great Spoleto Festival.) Thanks for reading my stuff.

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At Sun Jun 19, 02:31:00 PM , Anonymous Judy Reeves said...

There's a brick wall in an alley downtown San Luis Obispo, CA where the whole dang thing is covered in chewing gum. Yuk. & happy Father's Day to you!


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