Thursday, June 23, 2011


Wow. Homemade beer!

Instant satisfaction with a Mr. Beer kit.

Well, "instant" might not be exactly precise.

I mixed up the 2 gallon batch on May 15. The first pint was poured on June 22.

Where to store the mixture - at less than 76 degrees - was a challenge to say the least.

Have you noticed how hot it's been for the last six weeks?

I have a downstairs area - sort of a basement - and the temps hovered around 74 for weeks. OK so far.

Then it got a LOT warmer outside and I moved the "vat" upstairs. My AC is set for 79 so I had to make a small adjustment for about 10 days.

What's that? Are you asking if I drank NO BEER while this was brewing? You're kidding...right?

My Smartphone has a Droid app (free) that let's me keep track of each unique beer I drink. So before I order a beer I quickly check to see if I had had one of those ales, lagers, stouts, porter or IPA before.

I just checked and see I have 125+ unique beers listed on my phone. Most have about 5.0 ABV (alcohol content/gravity)but a few nudge 9.0 and there's even a 12. Yikes.

So my home brew now sits in 6 (used to be 8) brown litter bottles in my refrigerator. The ABV is less than 4.0 and tastes like an imitation weak Budweiser or a Coors.

Maybe even a Lite Bud Lite.

(Click on the picture for more detail. Don't wait six weeks between beers. You can buy a cold pint almost anywhere. And you get to talk to a bartender.) Thanks for stopping by. Hey, you want a beer?

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