Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bottle At The End Of The Rainbow...

I never wondered where rainbows originated.

I knew that some beers were gold-colored but I simply did not make the connection.

I was out at the Isle of Palms yesterday, hoping for a dazzling, stunning sunset, but saw clouds roll in and figured the sky would be rather boring this day.

But, as someone there remarked "Sunsets happen every day but a rainbow is always a surprise."

There was a break in the clouds on my right and the sun peeked through enough in the slight drizzle to reward anyone standing out on the deck looking toward the ocean.

Someone with a camera in their hand.

And someone willing to move around to change their point-of-view.

A house nearby joined the other end of the rainbow.

And basked in the brief golden glow of the setting sun.

The wind was blowing hard so no people were strolling along the beach.

There would have been a lot of sand flying around and biting the skin.

Nitty gritty.

But, they would have benefited from my beer bottle rainbow.

Later in the evening, I switched to a Guinness. That's a dark beer.

See what I mean?

(Click on the images to see larger pictures. I have no proof that beer creates strange images.) Thanks for stopping by. Come again. Thanks.

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