Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Think Lawyers Are Involved ....

I have a Canon s90 digital camera.

The type that are called Point and Shoot or P/S.

Small enough that I usually have it with me. Hey, It really is pocket-size.

There's even a tiny computer inside the small body.

This Smart camera enables me to take some pretty spectacular photos.

Using its "manual" mode I can change shutter speeds, film speed and lens openings so it performs in low light to bright sun at the beach and everything in between.

But the lawyers at Canon Camera assume I might do something dumb with this smart instrument.

Or that I might be angry enough to sue somebody.

Maybe even sue Canon if the camera stopped working.

Say underwater.

I have settings on a dial that can make foliage greener, sunsets warmer, portraits softer and slow down speeds to capture fireworks at night.

I can make indoor lighting look like shots taken outdoors or freeze the fast action of frisky kids and dogs.

It never occurred to me to dunk it under water.

Guess we have to be protected from ourselves.

(Click on the pictures for more detail. Remember, if there's a sign prohibiting something, that means someone tried to do it. Stay warm but don't set yourself on fire. That's probably illegal.)

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