Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Laundering The News ....

Sometimes things aren't as bad as they look.

This was not one of those times.

The paper is VERY soggy. Crumbling. Scrunched. Disintegrating. Yikes.

However, today was a sunny morning.

The paper had been expertly delivered on the porch. It was wrapped in a plastic bag.

Human error.


My routine is to open the door and pick up the paper. Usually then I place it on the kitchen table. The coffee is brewing. A normal day. Today I had stripped the bed to do laundry.

The washing machine was gurgling and chugging along as I looked around for the paper.

Oh yeah. I remember now ..I had dropped it on the floor in the bedroom.

The machine stopped.

Yep. Still in its protective wrap, it had gone through 37 minutes in the washer and all the cycles.

I gingerly separated the sections of the paper and placed them on the porch in the sun to dry.

The coffee tasted ok as I finished a novel I had been reading.

(Too late in the day to call for another paper to be delivered. I'll buy one when I'm out. If I had called, I'm afraid there would have been laughter. Thanks for reading about another of my dumb mistakes.)

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