Friday, July 30, 2010

Sir Paul was Sir-perb!

Paul McCartney.

(He was in a band before WINGS.)

His current tour had him appearing in Charlotte for the first time in 17 years so I had to drive up.

Might be another long dry spell.

He did not disappoint the sold-out crowd at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

I believe there were only two empty seats in the whole place...and they were next to me in Row 5.

I had some elbow room in a crowd of 19,000 people.

Many fans had signs and banners and at least one license plate.

McCartney actually made a comment about the tag.

"It's thoughtful and beautiful but I hope you know it's also misspelled?"

My little sign was an enlarged copy of a ticket to the 1965 Beatles concert in San Diego.

I had covered that for the newspaper but Sir Paul and I did not get to reminisce about the last time we had seen each other..

This time I could hear the band.

He did a high-energy show that lasted almost 3 hours and included two encores of 3 songs each.

Oh, did I mention that I experienced my first-ever indoor concert pyrotechnics?

We all were singing along to "Live And Let Die" and you know the part on the record (vinyl?) where there's an explosion?

Yep. I was rocked by the blast and felt a heat wave roll past me. Yikes.

I was flinching instead of snapping a picture but I was ready when the lyrics came back around to the part that gets REALLY loud.

Another BOOM and heat.

Oh yeah!

There was another surprise at the end of the second encore.

Someone handed McCartney a large bouquet of flowers.

He waved them over his head then he walked toward stage right to exit.

Suddenly 80 million tons of red, white and blue confetti came pouring down from above over the audience.

He was totally blanked out by the cascading display.

When it cleared, he was gone.

Thank you to my favorite former Beatle.

(I've created a Flickr album of my concert photos. It was so nice to have a camera that could capture crisp, clear pictures. It's my Canon S90. Thanks.)

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At Sun Aug 01, 08:53:00 AM , Blogger Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Those pictures are great! It sounds like a terrific concert.

At Mon Aug 02, 09:02:00 PM , Blogger MCCARTNY said...

Hi Chuck! Loved your comments and pics! And, I'm in one...I'm the one that "can't spell!". I'd love to have a copy of that. Please email me at


At Mon Aug 02, 09:27:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

I'm glad to send you a copy. You were the 4th row!

At Tue Aug 03, 04:41:00 PM , Anonymous DWright1 said...

Great photos. But they make me ashamed I couldn't get off my rump & drive 5 miles to see a BEATLE, for Pete's sake. I've gotten lazy.
Found you through Cedar Posts/Charleston Daily Photo. Really enjoy your stuff.


At Tue Jul 25, 04:29:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

D. Wright, it appears I did not respond 7 years ago. My bad and thank you. I just saw Sir Paul again last week in Atlanta (July 2017) and loved it. A lady in front of me -10th row- was autographed by him the year before and she had it tattooed permanently! This was her 12th time seeing him.
Details at


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