Thursday, October 08, 2009

Surfing In Deutchland....

While on a walking tour in Munich, we passed into a Central Park-like setting.

And saw defiant surfers ignoring a "Verboten" sign.

The surf, er, river, was up.

Unexpected sure, but so many sights were just that.

I was tempted to join some "pedalers in the Square" and drink beer as I sat down for a tour. We had tickets to tour the Royal Residence and Museum so I delayed having a beer till later.
They sure looked like happy sightseers though.

We eventually ended up in a pleasant biergarten and had Lowenbraus with our wursts.

My toasted brat - with sweet mustard - reminded me of German festivals I had attended in Missouri of all things.

But, we were a long way from the States and had just spent more than a week in Ireland.

Tomorrow would be Oktoberfest. Plenty of beer there.

(Click on that surfing picture for amazing details.Yikes.)

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