Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Mom Raised A US Marine...

One of the sites I follow online has items of interest to Marines and former Marines.

It just announced a contest to pick the best submitted photo of a Marine and his/her mother.

Here's mine.

That yard-of-ale glass is almost as tall as she is.

Now, please understand...Mom doesn't drink. She and I were out for a drive a few years ago and I stopped by my favorite bar Back Stage Deli in North Charleston.

Mom's a good natured person and posed with me. We got her a glass of tea.

The same Marine Corps site offers an array of t-shirts and I've bought a few with the Globe and Anchor symbol.

I see there is one now that states "Not as lean/Still as mean/Always a Marine."

It comes in XXL and XXXL sizes.

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At Thu Aug 27, 08:39:00 PM , Blogger Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Semper Fi, Devil Dog!

You've got me thinking now....was Back Stage Deli the place that was in the Northwoods Mall in the early 90's? I had often wondered what happened to that disappeared in the years between my first time living in Charleston and moving back after 7 years in Maine.

I saw a Marine tee recently that went through the maxim "We stole the anchor from the Navy, thre rope from the Army, and the eagle from the Air Force. And when God rested, we stole the globe and have been protecting it ever since"

By chance is your website I also found a slew of shirts at

At Fri Aug 28, 11:53:00 AM , Blogger Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Terrific picture! I also remember the Backstage Deli.


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