Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sounds Great ...

BBQ and Island Characters.

Fiery Red's Home Team remodeled Bert's old place and now there's a brand new music venue on Sullivan's Island.

Home Team also is still in West Ashley.

Sound tech Scott Rosenbrook fine-tuned the board to make sure Delta Highway had clarity, separation and definition.

Oh, and plenty of volume.

The hard pounding group from Memphis was scheduled to play again the next night at the original Home Team on Highway 61.

Makes sense. It gives a band two gigs and a chance to park the van overnight.

I remember a few years ago that Wild Wings would book acts to play its mini-circuit when - in addition to the three here in Charleston - they also had an eatery in North Myrtle Beach and down at Hilton Head.

And, for those who like to plan ahead, (I got my Seinfeld tickets about 5 months before his show) mark your calendar now for Sunday October 18 at the PAC.

That's when the Life on the D List lady, caustic comic Kathy Griffin, charges into Charleston.

Kathy has a new book out and I guess she didn't want to wait and see if Oprah would endorse it. The book is titled Official Book Club Selection.

Catchy and misleading. I like that.

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