Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1960s "Rack & Roll"

Charleston News was a distributor. Of magazines, paperbacks and newspapers.

It was the 1960s and my Dad was REALLY busy making "racks" for this North Charleston company.

He had just moved from the peninsula and had his new shop set up in Hanahan.

The man made racks. Lots and lots of them.

At first the distributor gave the racks away free but my Dad suggested they require a small refundable deposit. "People respect things they pay for, " he reasoned.

My memory is Dad designed racks to fit certain stores and outlets. Custom pieces.

He made them with "toe space" so you could stand closer.

And top shelves that "reached out" to you with magazine covers.

I had gone away from Charleston and joined the Marine Corps but I came back to visit.

Each time, Dad always had a new rack design to show me.

Years later, in college out in San Diego, I made some brick-and-board bookcases.

I think I'm pleased that my Dad never saw my book "racks."

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