Sunday, August 17, 2008

Found: Alternative Energy Source

Here is a bundle of high-powered energy to run the USA for years - if it could be captured - lighting homes and fueling our cars.

This was my first Springsteen Concert but I was picked to be right up in front of the stage - along with 549 others - in a lottery for people who had bought floor general admission tickets. The series of appropriate wrist bands started to stack up.

The large roped off area called "The Pit" was filled mainly with long time fans who had attended many, many of his shows.

They all knew each other, brought song title signs and chatted about traipsing around the country following their favorite band.

The loyalty was repaid handsomely as Springsteen often came down to the apron edge of the stage to kneel, touch hands and accept signs.

I was hesitant to take any pictures until I saw others in "the pit" holding up cell phones so I snapped a few until I was tapped on the shoulder by Arena Security.

Glad they were on top of me and my camera. They missed the couple in front of me smoking some non-tobacco. Rules. Here's the car I followed as I left the Arena to head home. They have a long drive ahead.

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