Sunday, May 18, 2008

Step Away From That Beer .....

Last night I was kicked out of a bar.

Well, actually, the bar suddenly announced just before midnight that everyone had to stop drinking or ordering beers. We were to quickly turn in the unconsumed portion of what we had and could not expect any more to drink the rest of the evening.

So the crowd really left on its own.

A great band from New Orleans was taking a well deserved break after pounding out a set of songs such as Beer Town, USA and Whiskyville. All of us obviously were in a cozy Saturday night relaxing and drinking mood.

All of a sudden, about 11:50, a manager - or maybe it was the owner - grabbed the mic on the empty stage and shouted "I am to blame. It was strictly my error. We did not renew our Sunday license so please stop and surrender what you are drinking. I will give you a refund on what you have in your hand right now."

The crowd responded with loud catcalls and shouted rude comments including opinions on the married status of the young man's parents. It now was midnight and he reminded us that he did not want a ticket for the club and he did not want us to be ticketed either(?). mention was made of refunding the $8 cover charge we all had paid earlier.

This sudden suspension of beer sales was a first time experience for me and, as Mark Twain said of the man who was being tarred and feathered, "except for the honor, I'd just as soon pass."

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