Monday, February 12, 2007

Oops... Dress Code Violation

So the first 3 days of the annual BLUES BASH, I managed to go to 6 venues and listen to 10 different performers. Not a bad start.

I doubt I can keep up that pace but we'll see.

Picking the right clothes (t-shirt or real shirt?) didn't seem that important. Just wear any shirt that mentions a band and you're ok.

The Chicago Blues Festival shirt drew some comments and questions as did the Eric Clapton '06-'07 tour one.

BUT, if you are going to wear a radio station shirt, then be careful NOT to attend a show sponsored by a competing station. I kept my jacket on at Home Team Bar-B-Que and asked if they were offering any "Bridge" t-shirts but they weren't.

Big Bill Morganfield packed the barbecue place and he had to really squeeze it all together to get his 5-piece band on that tiny, tiny stage.

In fact, the slide trombone player gave a new meaning to "in your face" music as people would dodge and weave in the front row.

On Sunday, at the Isle of Palms Recreation Center, Chick Willis commented that he had done a gig at the library. "It was strange man, no drinking, no cussing, no smoking, but we did have a few dancers."

The 17th Annual Lowcountry Blues Bash continues through Sunday so get out there and enjoy yourself. Just watch what t-shirt you wear!

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