Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Smoke Is Clearing...

Hey, two more of my favorite restaurants and bars have created new NO SMOKING policies to make me happier...and continue to keep me as a loyal customer. Both are on newly-revitalized Montague Avenue in North Charleston, just off Park Circle.

I chatted with some of the staff at the Madra Rua and at Sesame and at each place, they expressed happiness at NOT having to breathe air they could actually see!

I go out a lot and carry professional ear plugs - and often see others wearing some at live concerts - but had not figured a way to avoid polluting my lungs and smelling like an ashtray after an evening out. Last night I stopped in again at the Pour House in West Ashley and saw they have finished the elaborate deck out back and continue to invite smokers to step out there to exhale.

Charleston owners apparently are setting new rules instead of waiting for changes to be imposed. That's neat. And makes good business sense.

About that picture ... yes, some places create "theatrical fog" for lighting effect but a lot is cigarette smoke. Fake fog doesn't cling to your clothes.

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